Do the Math

Buying vs. Owning a Vacation Property, RV Lot or Cabin in Minnesota, MN
Buying your own RV lot can be a very practical option for vacation property ownership!

Do The Math- Advantages of buying an RV lot
BUY 1st Year   RENT
$161.12 Monthly Payment $162.50
 $1933.44 Annually $1950.00
 $417.00 Tax Savings ------------
$1516.44 Net Payment $1950.00

BUY 5th Year   RENT
$9667.01 Total Payments $10774.00
 $1972.04 Total Tax Savings ------------
$7702.96 Net Payment $10774.00

 FUTURE VALUE @ 10% APPRECIATION:$43,923.00(Assumes typical 5% yearly increase)

Other benefits to RV lot ownership include:

  • High gas prices are pushing RVers to look at RV lot ownership as a cost effective alternative to traveling. Your lot can be used as a home base and your RV can remain on site year-round with no winter storage fee.
  • Take advantage of a professionally operated and maintained RV resort in a secure gated environment.
  • Ensure that you always have an RV space.
  • There are 5 RVís for every site which makes it difficult to find a prime location.
  • You have control.
  • As a member of an association, you have a direct say in the management and policies of the property.
  • Nobody can raise your rent.
  • The property canít be sold out from underneath you for alternative land uses.
  • Owning your own lot can be an investment opportunity.
  • Owning your own RV lot can be a very cost effective alternative to renting or owning a vacation home.
  • The price of an RV lot is only a fraction of typical vacation property.
  • Compared to condo living, resort taxes, association fees and insurance will be significantly less.